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Audio Cassette Transferred onto CD ONLY £17.95

Do you have personal audio tapes that you can no longer play? These cassettes probably contain sentimental, personal recordings of loved ones or your child when they were young. We can convert these onto CD or MP3 so you and your family can listen to again and relive those precious moments.

You may also have music cassettes that are not available on CD or MP3 download? We can also convert these using professional equipment.

All this for only £17.95 per cassette + postage



Why use Squiggle Media
  • We are a UK based company established in 2004 with a proven track record of carrying out thousands of analogue to digital transfers. Our excellent customer reviews is testament to our ethos or providing the highest quality conversions and transfers of vinyl LPs, audio cassettes, video tapes, cine film and 35mm slides.
  • We ensure to get the best posible recording of your music cassette.
  • We only use professional equipment and specialist computer software guaranteeing exceptional results.
  • Each track is digitally remastered and checked for correct sound levels.
  • Background hiss, often associated with personal recordings, is removed to provide a clear listening experience.
  • We aim to have your CD or MP3 files and cassette back in the post to you within 5 days of receipt.
  • We only use high qualty CDs, professional equipment and industry standard software to quarantee the highest quality sound.
  • We can also provide your files on a USB stick or as a digital download for your convenince.
  • We use high quality protective packaging to ensure the safest delivery of your treasured cassette and CD.

Cassette to CD Conversion Service £17.95 |

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All audio cassette are played on our high quality tape decks and transferred onto our PC. Any necessary sound adjustment is then carried out and any background hiss, often associated with personal recordings, is removed, to ensure a clear no distortion during playback and that each track is the same volume. Individual tracks are generated and then your CD is created using professional quality CD-Rs ensuring a long lasting and compatible CD.

What do you receive for this service:

Our music cassette to CD service also provides you with a full colour replica of your cassette cover as well as a full track listing for the back of the CD case (tray). The title and artist is also profesionally printed onto the front of the CD. This is all supplied in a standard high quality CD case.

What do you receive for this service:


We are able to digitally transfer your (original) music cassette to CD where this is no identical re-released recording on a CD format.

It is on the understanding the CD we create is for your own personal, private listening pleasure and will not be sold, leased, hired or used in any public broadcast. You should retain the original vinyl recording as proof of ownership. Additional copies of your CD are available at £9.00, including postage. Or discounted to £7.00 if requested with your order.

Squiggle Media hold no copyright over the material sent to us and cannot be held responsible for any infringements of this law governing the recordings sent to us for conversion..

We also convert music vinyl to CD producing a full cd cover and tray card.
See our vinyl to CD conversion page for further details.