35mm Slides & Negatives scanned to digital format service

Do your have 35mm negatives or slides from old film cameras  that you wish you could view again and relive your memories?

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35mm Slides & Negatives Scanned to digital format for only 25p per image

Price per image is only 25p

We don't have different prices for slides and negatives the price you see is the price you pay per image! Postage and Packaging not included.


35mm Slides & Negatives Scanning to Digital Format Service

Your negatives and slides are some of the most precious memories you have. In fact they're more precious than photographs of the same image since negatives and slides usually produce superior scans.

Every negative and scan sent to us is handled with care and delicately cleaned prior to scanning. Scanning is performed on a Nikon Coolscan  to produce the best possible scan, first ensuring the correct side is scanned, i.e. the emulsion side. Once scanned the image is then cleaned up, colour corrected and red eye removed using Digital ICE (Digital Image Correction Enhancement). This is carried out on an image per image basis by hand and not processed electronically in bulk.

Your image is then saved as both JPEG and TIFF. This is included in the price and not extra as most competitors do. Finally a DVD is created containing all of your images for you to view at home on your computer.

We can also put your images onto a USB Pen Drive for you to put straight into you Digital Photo Frame. This is an extra £7.50 unless you wish to supply the USB drive.

Our retouching service is INCLUDED!

Each negative or slide we scan undertakes a meticulous process to create the best image possible., First it is cleaned to ensure the best quality scan possible on our Nikon CoolScan. Once scanned we then enhance the image by removing any dust and scratches that may have damaged the negative during storage. We then check and correct the colour balance, brightness and contrast then adjust the shadows and highlights then finally remove any red eye.


Negatives & Slides scanned & converted to digital files - how it works

  • Send us your negatives and slides
  • Each negative and slide is cleaned prior to scanning
  • Each scan is performed on our professional negative scanner
  • Dust and scratches are removed from the image
  • Colour correction is applied
  • Brightness and contrast adjusted
  • Any red eye is removed
  • Image is sharpened if required
  • Image is then saved as a high quality JPEG and TIFF - YES you get both formats with our service!
  • Your digital photos are then saved onto a DVD (or USB pen drive if requested)
  • Your disc and original slides & negatives posted back to you for you to enjoy and treasure
  • Free archive of your DVD should you require any further copies 

Receive all of this for just 25p per image + p&p.

No hidden extras.

A truly fantastic service for a great price.