Vinyl & Cassette transferred to CD or MP3

Do you have vinyl records or audio cassettes that you can no longer play? We can convert these to CD and other various formats so you can listen to them again and relive your memories.

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Vinyl LP (both sides) transferred to CD or MP3 files for only £16.95 (+ postage)

How to Order

Simply post your item(s) you require converting to us at Squiggle Media Ltd, 76, Thanet Road, Ramsgate, Kent, CT11 8EH. Enclose your contact details i.e. name, address & telephone number and/or email address and we will contact you on its arrival. We recommend you use a padded envelope and Royal Mail's Signed For service. You can also download, print, complete and enclose an order form for convenience but it is not essential. Thank you.

We truly believe that we offer the best service at a fantastic price.
Look at what you get! 

Firstly your vinyl in cleaned

The first process we carry out is to thoroughly clean your vinyl to remove all of the tiny dust particles and dirt that builds up over the years which cannot be seen by the naked eye. We use a specially formulated solution and cleaning process to ensure your vinyl is in the best possible condition.

The remastering process (enhancing the quality of the sound)

Our sound engineer then begins the process of removing any 'pops' or 'clicks' inherent with vinyl records. Any necessary sound adjustments are carried out to ensure no distortion during playback and all tracks are the same sound level. Individual tracks are then created.

For MP3 files we will add the artist name, album title, track number, track title and LP cover so when you import these tracks to iTunes, smart phone or MP3 player these details are imported as well.

Top quality turntables ensure the best reproduction

We then transfer your record using dedicated turntables to reproduce the best possible sound quality. Your vinyl is then captured and transferred to digital format to enable us to remaster the audio on our computers.

CD case artwork is created

We will design and create a wonderful CD cover and label based on your original LP cover. A full track listing is also added to the tray (back) of the CD case for ease of navigation. Finally we create your CD using top quality CDs ensuring your CD is compatible with all CD players as well as being long lasting and guaranteed for 50 years.

sample of CD cover


Price List

Single LP to CD - £16.95
Double LP to CD - £23.95
12" or 7" singles - £2.00 per track

MP3 / WAV or other digital formats

Single LP to MP3 or WAV - £16.95
Double LP to MP3 or WAV - £23.95
12" or 7" singles - £2.00 per track

Supply USB Stick £8.50
We can also provide a download link for your MP3 files


Why use Squiggle Media

We are a UK based company established in 2004 with a proven track record of carrying out thousands of analogue to digital transfers. Our excellent customer reviews is testament to our ethos of providing the highest quality conversions and transfers of vinyl LPs, audio cassettes, video tapes, cine film and 35mm slides.


Cassette transferred to CD (both sides any length) ONLY £18.95

We can also convert your cassette to MP3

Audio Cassettes also converted to CD

The audio cassette to CD or MP3 service provides you with a full colour replica of your cassette cover as well as a full track listing for the tray (back of the CD case) and a full colour CD label. This is the same service as the vinyl conversion (see above)  except for the deep clean!

audio cassette transferred to cd or mp3 service

MP3 or other audio formats

We can also convert your audio to various digital formats depending on your requirements. Out most popular format is MP3.
For MP3 files we will add the artist name, album title, track number, track title and LP cover so when you import these tracks to iTunes, smart phone or MP3 player these details are imported as well.

Personal Family Recordings

Do you have personal audio tapes that you can no longer play? These cassettes probably contain sentimental, personal recordings of loved ones or your child when they were young. We can convert these onto CD or MP3 so you and your family can listen to again and relive those precious moments.
Also, if you send or email a photograph we can use this to create a lovely personalised bespoke cover and CD label.

Price List

Cassette to CD (both sides) - £18.95
Cassette to MP3 (both sides) - £18.95
Supply a USB memory stick - £8.50

We can also provide you with a download link for your MP3 files.

A sample of our many satisfied customers

Thank you so VERY much indeed for my CDs "Captain Beaky" I can't tell you how thrilled I am with them and how lovely you made them look, particularly the cover for the case which makes them look so professional. - Patricia C

WOW, simply wow! You have done an amazing job on my old vinyl that I have not heard for years. The sound quality is amazing; the dynamic range is fantastic and not a crackle to be heard. Thank you so much. - Tony L

I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful and prompt service in converting my cassette to CD. I have to say that I am really, really impressed with the quality of the cover and the sound. - Donna C