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Negatives and Slides to Digital only 47p each

Our scanning service converts and transfers your 35mm negatives or slides into digital photos for onlp 47p per image.

You'll receive a high resolution digital picture made from your negatives or slides in BOTH JPEG & TIFF format. You will be able to view your old negatives on your computer, edit them, print them or display them on your digital photo frame. They work like any other digital photo in JPEG format.


Negatives & Slides scanned and converted to digital files from 47p each| Click here to download and print our 35mm slide & negative scanning order form




  • 1-999.........47p each
  • 1,000+ ......37p each


  • 1-999.........47p each
  • 1,000+ ......37p each

To supply a USB stick £8.50

Our retouching (ICE) service is INCLUDED in the price!

Each scan we undertake follows a meticulous process, we first clean the negative or slide to ensure the best quality scan possible. Once scanned we then enhance the image by removing any dust and scratches that may have damaged the negative. We then check the colour balance, brigthness, contrast then adjust the shadows and highlights then finally remove any red eye.

Below is a typical image showing before and after it has been restored

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We will contact you as soon as we receive your order to confirm safe receipt of your negatives/slides with an estiamte of the turnaround time. ( click here for our image scanning order form.)