We Convert Your Video Tapes to DVD

Do you have precious videos of family events  you can no longer play? We can preserve these by transferring them to DVD so you can play them again and again on your DVD player and relive your memories.
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Squiggle Media  Tel: 07787 577913   e-mail: info@squigglemedia.co.uk

Your precious video tapes transferred to DVD for only £17.95

How to Order

Simply post your item(s) you require converting to us at Squiggle Media Ltd, 76 Thanet Road, Ramsgate, Kent CT11 8EH. Enclose your contact details i.e. name, address & telephone number and/or email address and we will contact you on its arrival. We recommend you use a padded envelope and Royal Mail's Signed For service. You can also download, print, complete and enclose an order form for convenience but it is not essential. Thank you.

We truly believe that we offer the best service at a fantastic price.
Look at what you get! 

Forgotten memories

Everyone has memories but sometimes they are trapped on obsolete video formats such as VHS or Betamax so you are no longer able to play them. Preserve these treasured memories by transferring them onto DVD and relive those fond memories once more. Squiggle Media have 20 years experience of transferring and converting video onto DVD ranging from weddings and family events through to educational and training videos for businesses and government departments.

Our simple price structure of just £17.95+p&p per tape means no hidden extra charges for additional work. Even if your film is converted onto 2 DVDs there is no extra cost to you. Each DVD can contain up to 2 hours of video but we can create a separate DVD for each tape you send should you prefer. Ideally we try to put a maximum of 1½ hours of footage onto each DVD as this maintains the optimum quality of the film.

What will I receive for this service?

  • Conversion of your video tape onto DVD
  • Video edited to remove unwanted footage between scenes
  • Each new scene will have it's title displayed on screen for a few seconds
  • Chapter points added to each scene so you can skip to a particular scene
  • Lovely smooth transitions between each scene
  • On screen title at beginning of the video displaying name and date of video
  • Fade in and fade out at beginning and end of video
  • Personalised DVD cover for your case using images taken from your film
  • Complimenting DVD label matching your cover
  • High Grade DVD disc to ensure compatibility with your DVD player and longevity
  • Free archive of your DVD should you require any further copies of your DVD

We can process the following video formats

  • VHS & VHS-C
  • Video8
  • Hi8
  • Digital8
  • Mini DV
  • Micro DV



 Receive all of this for £17.95 per tape + p&p. No hidden extras.

A truly fantastic service for a great price. Discount available for 5 of more tapes sent please ask.

Below are a few samples of our video to DVD covers


Maybe you simply want your video transferred to digital format so you can edit it or just play it on your computer. Or you just require a download link, we can achieve this for you as well.